Spanx A Lot! (via Barb’s Blast)

she makes me laugh outloud

Spanx A Lot! In England, woolen coffins are being offered as a GREEN alternative to wooden and aluminum caskets. Do we really have to worry about our carbon footprints if we're sporting toe tags? Supposedly, 1 out of 3 of us in the U.S. is obese. My question:  Does SPANX make a casket?       I want to look slim and svelte – downright sylphlike –  in my grave, don't you?               Time Magazine article: Res … Read More

via Barb's Blast


One thought on “Spanx A Lot! (via Barb’s Blast)

  1. Forget spanx, when I die, I want the coroner to remove any excess bones, cartilage, juices, and so-forth; that way, when all the mourners put their lugubrious faces on to weep over my corpse they will look in and say: “My, oh, my…why he’s all skin and bone.” And they’ll be right.

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