“You look like a completely different person”

Those words were just uttered to me up in the Internet Cafe area of the office.  It came from a woman that is in my office, who admires my shoes, and other than that I have very little interaction with her.  But her words made me feed tremendous.  At first I thought she meant because I have gone from long blonde hair to shorter red hair….but she actually meant ME…and that is the kind of comment that keeps me going back and back and back to the gym to sweat and strain and push and pull and lift.  It keeps me going back to Tyron who works me out so hard that my hair is completely wet and I just lay there stunned for a couple of moments before I push myself off of the floor and stumble downstairs to the locker room.  Sometimes I really don’t like him.

I’ve learned a few things during this process:

I can do anything I set my mind to.  The first time my trainer said you’re doing the Roman Chair and I told him he was nuts.  I got up there and struggled to do five lifts, knees up.  Then I barely managed to do one with my legs out straight.  Now I can get on it and whip out three sets of ten.  Amazing, right?  Each time I do it I smile.

I feel better, worlds better, when I’m eating the right way. And I look better, too!  When I go back to old habits of eating, the Pepsi drinking, salt, cheetos, I feel bad..

I sweat…my head is like a mini fountain and my hair is damp to wet after each workout.   My personal trainer taught me was that unless you’re sweating, you’re not getting a good work out. So now I know — sweating is good! And if I go into the locker room misted in sweat, and panting from exertion, I’m happy.

I have stamina: for all kinds of activities. I don’t get winded walking to the office.  I can climb stairs and steep inclines.  I can work out in the yard all day, unclutter closets…whatever I want to do. 

I am strong.  My legs have always been freakishly strong due to a life time of dancing and sports but now my body is strong.

I need support from others:  this lifestyle change is all on my shoulders but occasionally or often I need others to take note.


Somehow, remarkably, I have lost 22 pounds in a month.  That was due to a major allergy bought where I took so much medicine I didn’t want to eat, and working myself out five times a week.

December here I come.



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