A Damned Good Letting-Alone…

I have heard this phrase my entire life, usually from my Mom and Dad.  The wisdom in those words is priceless.  The context is this:  you know someone who is treating you poorly.  You go to your Mom or Dad and complain or whine or ask for wisdom and this would be the response.  “Give them a damned good letting-alone.”

In other words if this person who is being a pain in the tush doesn’t get the silence, then he or she wasn’t worthy of your time in the first place.  Quit reaching out, quit trying, leave them alone.

Is ignoring someone the easiest way to handle pain?  Probably not.  But it sends a message to someone.  “I won’t take any more of your crap.” and/or   “I am ignoring you until you decide to shape up and fly right.”  (Another term from my parents).

I had to adopt this motto twice in the past six months.  Last night was the later.  Will he get it?  I don’t know.  I said it in a very nice way.  “you figure out what you want and if I’m still around we will figure out where we go from here.”  Simple.  I took a breath, after saying it, put on my gym clothes and headed to the Health Club where I punished myself.  But after leaving sweaty, sore, and exhausted, I felt amazing.  Work it out…just work out frustration.  It seems to be working.  At one point yesterday on the elliptical I noticed my pace was 196 strides per minute.  That is fast.  No wonder the sweat was pouring off of my face.   So the benefit of the frustration might just be a rock-hard body.

I adopted the new motto yesterday:



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