Good hugging

A hug is a powerful thing.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating lunch with a very good friend and dinner with another very good friend.  It was my lucky day to be in the presence of such handsome, fun, and intelligent men to share a meal.

One of the things I love about these guys is that they HUG.  I don’t mean that “I really don’t want to touch you” hug-like attempt.  I mean, strong arms, big squeeze, hug.

It shows me a great deal about these two.  First, they are secure in themselves.  Second, they are very tactile, caring men.  Friends hug, friend kiss.

My good friends in Chicago all hug and kiss me upon greeting especially if it has been a long time since we’ve been together.  It is what we do….a kiss on the cheek, a big hug, and the atmosphere is set.  A warm, loving, fun, friendly atmosphere of friendship and love.

Last week after the Def Leppard/Heart concert after rocking my rear off, the lights came up, and I said to my sister in true girlish delight, “I am sooooo happy.”  (of course I had four margaritas in me) but I was truly happy to have spent three hours listening to rock music I love and dancing and sharing it with my girls.  My sister wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight.  A true hugger is my sister.  She gives great hugs.

The beauty of a hug is that you can share yourself with another, showing them love, friendship, kindness, support, happiness, all in one big squeeze.  If you’re lucky to be with tall men (which I was yesterday) you feel small, and protected, and cared for.

Recently my favorites hugs have been from someone very special….he hugs often, even if it’s just an arm around my shoulders and a tight squeeze.  When he would walk into the house after work I would give him a huge hug….because I was so happy to see him come through my door.  His arms and shoulders are strong and I felt great with him.

Thank you to my huggers.  The beauty of it is that you feel a part of them for a few seconds, you can smell them, you feel their warmth and strength.   You feel genuinely good.



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