The Greatest Generation….

I wrote this about my father a few years ago.  But I thought I would post it as it is so relevant now:





My father used to tell me many things growing up that at the time did not have meaning to me, and if they did I did not really understand them.

My dad was right in the middle of what is often referred to as “the Greatest Generation” – the generation of Americans who, by working together regardless of ideology, defeated the biggest threats to our survival that this country had ever faced.

They came back and built a country where,  if you worked hard at your job, your individual talents led you to having a reasonably good chance of having a decent life.

Part of that philosophy was working TOGETHER as AMERICANS to support each other for the benefit of the country.

He thought that being a conservative meant taking care of your family, being loyal to your country and working hard in the demanding job he had for forty years.  In return for that hard work there was the wonderful opportunity to live a life with hope for the future of his family, to do better.  I wish I could have the same confidence he had for the future.


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