Feeling Stronger Every Day

It is a great Chicago tune but also how I feel today.  Even in the soreness that is constant (today it is my abs) I do feel strong.  I have to face my trainer at lunch so I will return to work a nice post-sweaty mess.

Thirty minutes of working out as hard as you can go.

But my increasing strength isn’t just physical, it is also emotional,and spiritual.

The women in my family have a saying about ourselves:  Hudson girls Strong Like Bull

It is true…we all seem to have amazing strength in different areas and we each rely upon that and have it even when we don’t know it.

I asked my surgeon why the surgery I had last November wasn’t as bad as others had told me and she said, “well, you’re very tough”

That was a compliment.  I am tough.  I am tender.

I meditate every day on light pouring down on my loved ones.  I pray every day to be strong.

So off I go again to my gym…as I did yesterday and the days before.

I choose to be unstoppable.



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