Be Strong….

I come from a long line of strong women and we keep producing strong women.  It is just something we do.  We marry strong men, we produce strong girls that grow into smart, kind, strong women.  I don’t mean just physically strong, even though that does seem to be a trait as well….no, I mean emotionally & spiritually strong.  My grandmother would settle for nothing less…she was a wonderful, tiny little Irish woman.  Many of the women in the family have her name in theirs:  Ellen Jane, Patsy Jane, Cora Jane.    I’m not exactly sure why my sister and I don’t, but we lived with her presence in our lives for many years.  She was our “Mimi” and she lived to 96 years.

On my mirror in my bathroom I write with erasable markers small snippets of what I need to read to keep me going.  Lately BE STRONG has been up there for several weeks….well, I clean the mirror and then re-write “Be Strong” in red.  Other things on written as well and they vary.  Sometimes I write a goal for the week, or some other statement.  I learned the writing on the mirror from my sister who tends to send her husband little messages that way.

Being strong is a tough thing to live up to…. but it is always there when the going gets tough.  Something deep inside kicks in when you think you are sinking.  When I think I’m going to fail or feel myself sinking, I ask for help to be strong.  Prayer and meditation and now chanting have become a part of my daily ritual.  When I don’t think I can, I hold on to the strength that was shown to me my entire life.

Strength in character.

Strength in soul.

Strength in emotions.  Strength to keep myself from letting others be hurtful to me.  Strength for others when they need to lean on me.  Strength in body is a constant climb.  As I type that I sit here with sore arms, back, shoulders, abs, legs….well, sore everything.  My workouts with my trainer have been put into a higher level.  Yesterday, after an intense workout with Tyron, I was wringing wet.  He kicked my butt in every way, but I DID IT.    I always know when I’ve done well at the end, when I’m exhausted, breathing hard, and dripping with sweat…he gives me the “high five”.

Today, for some reason, I was back at the gym, again, working arms, abs, legs, and 30 minutes of cardio.  I am done for the day and probably will take a rest tomorrow.  Frankly, I’m not sure if I will be able to lift my arms above my head in the morning.

Probably should take a shower now.

Thank you again to all of you who continue to support me in big and little ways.  To Lisa Turner who on Thursday told me I looked “lovely”.  Isn’t that a great statement?  “You look lovely.”  It made my entire afternoon.  Again, to my sister and my niece, who constantly inspire me and support all of my efforts.    To my friends, my TRUE friends, that tell me to keep going, that I can do it.

I thank you from my heart.




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