Women are Amazing

After a day of realizing that some adult men are total immature, narsaccistic creatures, I experienced two wonderful women.  A friend’s sister was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.  A cancer that spreads quickly.  She told me this morning and asked for my prayers.  I told her that was a given and if she needed ANYTHING to ask.  Her sister is a strong woman with a very deep spirituality and has stated that “this is just another challenge in my life”.


I just passed by her and hugged her.  Strong women are wonderful and most women do have an incredible inner strength so that when others are lacking it women step up and provide support and kindness and strength.  It’s a ‘lean on me’ attitude.

The second woman was in the elevator this morning.  She was PINK, not the actual singer Pink, but her clothing, shoes, earrings.  She had on a Tulsa Fire Department pink t-shirt which I admired and asked where she got it.  She then told me because it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month she is wearing pink every Friday.  She then said because she is so blessed not to have breast cancer.  I thought that was showing strength.  It made me smile.

It was the Ying and Yang moment.  All the negative energy and anger from yesterday went away.  The lies and the hurt were countered by good, kind people.   I smiled and dismissed every bad thought because I don’t need it in my life.  I am a good woman and I put goodness out into the world.   I will continue to do so.


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