Strong Like Bull

Strong Like Bull is a phrase the women in my family use….because we are.  After my sister was coming out of surgery that is what she said to me.  When I was being taken to my hospital room after my surgery that is what I whispered to her, Jessie, and Pat.

Today, I feel great…really Strong Like Bull.  It took a lying, cheating, deceiving snake and a heartbroken trail of women to discover how empowered I am.   While I feel bad for the “other” women, I do not feel sorry for myself.  No need.  I did everything right.

Do prayers get answered?  yes, but not always the way you want them to.  I hit my knees every night to do my praying and chanting.  Someone upstairs was watching out for me.  They didn’t give me the person I wanted….they got rid of the person and opened my eyes to the depth of his illness.

That is one messed up man.  But not my problem any longer.

I hope after the talks I had with two different women last night, both found me, that they feel somewhat better too.

I’m talking inner strength.  The kind of strength the women in my family, going back generations, possess.

The anger is gone.  There is no hurt.  I feel like I can conquer the world.

My message to him last night was simple.  I know what you’ve done.  You are truly morally and spiritually bankrupt.  Get some help.  Get a psychiatrist, NOW.

I hope for the future women he betrays and lies to that they will be enlightened before he really does a number on them and that they have inner strength.   It makes one wonder, briefly, what happened to him that made him so narcissistic.  But, not my problem.

You can pour all the goodness and love onto someone but when they are truly mentally and emotionally twisted, goodness bounces off of them like it’s hitting a shield.  Nothing you can do.  It just is.  Leave them alone. Be strong, be confident, be happy.

The strength thing is empowering and really seems to be working.  I’m as surprised as anyone!  Today, I feel amazing.



One thought on “Strong Like Bull

  1. I really enjoyed reading this entry. It was very inspirational. I am going through some emotional hardships right now and I some how stumbled onto this blog. I just want to say thank you for writing this. I hope you continue to write more.

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