The Truth

I have a friend.  He is wise.  He is a straight-shooter.  Kind of a “calls-it-like-he see’s-it” man.  That is why I like him.  That and he is intelligent and funny and I like that combination.  Because I recently encountered a situation I have not been hit with before, I asked his opinion.  Here is what he said:

“cuz he’s just an asshole and he needs the sense of accomplishment that comes with winning another woman. it’s like sex. once you can meet a woman and score, you get an intense feeling of satisfaction that you can then only get again by doing that again. once you’ve already scored, it loses it’s value somewhat. this is, of course, not healthy, but this is how some people are. it’s not normal or healthy. it just is. it’s a character deficiency.

this is why i just avoid dating and relationships altogether. i know i’m not in a place to hang in there. i’m still ‘looking’, if i’m looking at all. if i was to try and date now, i’d still be looking, so i just go home. doesn’t mean i don’t get an occasional make-out session or occasional sex, but at least i’m honest about it — this is all i have to offer right now.

it’s not that hard to be a nice guy. some people just can’t; they are broken.”

I love men.  I really do.  Let me rephrase, I love good men.  I love honest men.  I grew up with one so I’m used to someone not pulling any punches.  I will never go to that place where I think all men are assholes because I have too many great male friends that prove it to be otherwise.  So thank you.












Good and honest men all.


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