True Love

This morning I was thinking of all the people I love and those who love me.  It reminded me of Sunday afternoon and night when I had the pleasure of taking care of two little angels (well most of the time); my youngest nieces, Evie & Cora.

They truly are a joy to be around as fun is what the world is all about.

I arrived with the front seat of my car loaded with supplies needed for successful baby-sitting.  As I unloaded, both girls came running out of the house, down the yard to my car.  That is a great feeling when two people I love come running with smiles calling my name.

We spent the evening decorating a pumpkin…I mean blinging out a pumpkin and eating pizza while watching the Lion King.  We took a community shower; well they showered, I remained clothed to assist.  They found it great fun to fill their mouths with water and spit it on my legs.  Eventually, they managed to get part of my hair wet.  After the shower was jammie time, the combing of the hair, the reading of two books.  That was one of the best parts as we lay back together against the two pillows I brought, side by side, two little heads touching either side of mine while I read.  Bed time!  I laid down on the floor in front of their beds and answered five hundred questions, all starting with, “TC?”

Lullaby music going, fan going, darkness with a nightlight….and I started falling asleep.  Then a question would pop up.

But the absolute best part, the most magical part, of the entire night, was pulling the covers up as they smiled up at me.  I touched their freshly washed hair, gently stroked their face, and told them “I love you.”  Then when they responded it was “TC, I love you.”  My heart melted.

THAT is true love.  Simple.  


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