Things I’m Appreciating. Looking for the Good.

I am thankful that I now appreciate diversity so much more.  There was a time that I would have looked at the girl with the pink and purple hair and her entire body tattooed and thought she was odd or weird.  But luckily I can see people now for all their differences and idiosyncracies and pick out one really great thing about them.  I am looking for the good.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not going out and getting tattooed or dying my hair pink or purple or orange.  And don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of weird people out there.

The young lady standing behind us a Panera this morning had died her hair a vibrant pink and had a big pink bow in it.  She stood behind me and smelled amazing.  I turned and asked her what amazing fragrance she was wearing.  She perked up and smiled and her face was pretty.  We chatted for a bit.  I could tell she was smart, articulate, and pleasant.  

I am embracing the new goal I have to find something nice about people I am in close proximity to and commenting.  I just say something simple, but it is quite interesting how their entire face will change.  Yes, yes, sometimes it is difficult to find and some days I keep my mouth shut.

I bought a new pair of Levi’s one size smaller than my last pair which tickled me to no end.  In the store was a very short, very stout, very unattractive woman holding a big, bright pink fleece top up to her.  She stopped me and said, “does this make me look huge?”  Well, it did.  But instead of saying, “yes”, or dismissing her.  I stopped and looked at the clothing choices and picked out a red fleece zip up with a black t-shirt underneath and said, “this would look great with a pair of black jeans.”  In other words, pick out the slimming outfit without saying it.  She thanked me and smiled.  Don’t worry those that know me, in my head I was thinking “and do something with that hair, and for God’s sake wear some makeup.”  I just smiled and went out.

Look for the good.




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