Why I Love Lingerie

I love lingerie.  I love the feel and the touch of it on skin and of course, the reaction it brings when shown to the right person at the right time. (or even the right person at the wrong time)

But it’s more than the “nightstand lingerie” (as my sister calls it).  That is lingerie you wear for only a few moments and then it gets thrown on the nightstand.  In my opinion, the only way I will wear a thong.

No, I’m talking about all lingerie and the generations of women that have worn it.

I remember my mother used to have her lingerie in the top two drawers of  her chest of drawers and also kept special, more expensive things in one deep drawer of her vanity table.  The bottom drawers of her chest of drawers held her nightgowns and pajamas.  My mother was a nightgown woman.  I don’t ever remember seeing her wear pajamas.  I know she had a pair of ecru satin pajamas.  But she wore silky, satiny nightgowns.  Never the flannel, cotton, or unattractive type.  I suppose she did that for two reasons, a) she like them and b)my dad liked them.

My mother kept her stockings in quilted satin bags that looked like an envelope.   She also put sachets in her lingerie so upon opening the drawer a lovely light sent floated up.  In her lingerie drawer was a plethora of things including girdles, stockings, slips (half and full) and bras.  My mother believed that you got what you paid for in lingerie and she was correct.  



Down in the bottom drawer, I found one day, hidden underneath all the white and pink and ecru nightgowns was one black nightgown with matching sheer robe.  It was lovely and smelled like my mom.  I found it when I was young and thought it was amazing but I never saw my mother wear it.  It probably was a racy as my mother would get and might be her “nightstand lingerie”.

I learned early that lingerie truly is admired by men…almost worshiped.

The first time I wore a garter belt and stocking when I was 21 I felt empowered and seductive.  My love and collection has grown over the years.  I hate cheesy, cheap lingerie like the kind purchased online at Frederick’s of Hollywood.  But my love and collection of  takes up several drawers in two different chests.

I’m going to tell a funny story that involves my sister and I hope she forgives me for telling it.  First, I must explain that my sister has recently celebrated her 37 wedding anniversary, yes, to the same man.  My first year in Chicago my sister called me one evening and was excited, “you will never believe what I just bought?”

In my mind, my very demented and dirty mind, I guessed “vibrator”.  She was shocked and said, “Noooo, a BLACK BRA!”

I took a moment then I’m sure I laughed.  “That’s it?  A black bra?”

She explained it was her first one.

And that, dear people, is the difference between she and I.




To La Perla, I bow.  The Mount Olympus of fine lingerie.  Dior, Oscar de la Renta… I toast you.  You will be getting more of my money until I’m too old to pull you on my body.  




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