Afraid of Her Own Shadow

First, I start this blog by thanking my parents for not raising a puss.  My father used to tell us we could go bear hunting with a switch.  

Second, there is a new person at work who is scared of everything.  Everything.  The rain.  The building.  Afraid of falling this winter.  EVERYTHING.  I am really trying to be patient with her.  But fear is a great deal like worrying and why borrow trouble?  My mother was a worrier extraordinaire.  She drove us crazy with it.

I think fear of falling down might be a tad irrational considering it hasn’t snowed yet.  That, to me, is borrowing trouble.  I would understand it if a person had fallen and injured themselves on the ice….but this woman is from Venezuela by way of Houston.  Both places not known for ice and snow.

Yes, I have a fear of spooky things and scary movies…yes, it is irrational.  I know that a chainsaw murderer isn’t very likely to invade my town when group of my friends are camping.   However, I am not afraid to walk on the sidewalk two months before snow might fall.  I’m not afraid to walk over the sky-bridge because one fell in Kansas City ten years ago.  These are the complaints I hear from her office all day.  She provides the added bonus of crossing herself each time she talks about something that frightens her.  “Madre de Dios”.

Patience, patience…put yourself in her place.  But it’s difficult….we were raised to be strong, be tough….


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