A friend of mine asked a random question this morning regarding receiving letters in the mail.  I responded that I love getting hand written letters and cards sent to me.  It shows that someone took the time to pick out a card and write a note with me in mind.  I love sending hand written letters to people I care about on personalized stationary.  I buy my stationary from Crane as I love the look and feel of fine paper.  I write these notes with my Waterman pen that was given as a gift by a good friend years ago.

When I was growing up my mother had an entire file cabinet drawer full of cards and boxes of stationary and notes to send when the occasion arose.

The handwritten note is such a lovely touch.  It brightens my day when I get one, but more importantly, I love sending them.  I like sitting down at my desk and writing a few words to a friend or a family member to let them know what they mean to me.

After my mother passed my sister and I discovered a metal box with letters tied with a blue satin ribbon.  The majority of the letter were love letters from my Dad when he was in the Military.  We sat in the floor and read them…they dripped with love and longing.  We were shocked at first and asked each other is disbelief, “Our Dad wrote these?!”  But as we continued to read we learned so much about our parent’s as very young , very much in-love people.  Never, would we have heard the longing and the passion and the love if we hadn’t read letters posted from the Pacific Theater from Roy to Ellen Jane.

I love each Holiday when I know my sister will send me a card and that my brother-in-law signs his own name and sometimes includes a note to me.  I adore the cards I get from my youngest nieces, Evie and Cora, that they have colored and created themselves.  Those go up on the refrigerator…and then into the scrapbook.

I still have love letters from past loves and Christmas letters and thank you notes from friends.

So to each of you that read this, send me your physical address if I don’t have it.  I have some long overdue writing to do…and I am buying new stationary.

Thank you,  Scott,  for reminding me of the importance of a letter, a note, a thought put to paper.   Thank you to those who send me the cards with personal touches.  






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