Veteran’s Dad

Funny, when I was typing the title, I meant to type “Veteran’s Day”….interesting that it came out Dad….I guess this day always reminds me of him.  

I reached out to the four friends I have that were in active duty in the Marines, Navy, and the Air Force.  So to you Lt. Colonel Lejonvarn, Lt. Colonel Vasconcellos, Chief Petty Officer Meeks, and Major Jacks…. Thank you for all that you did and continue to do for our country.  We all owe you a debt we cannot repay, but on behalf of a very grateful nation, thank you.  I am proud to know you and proud that you are my friends.

It takes remarkable resolve, intelligence, and guts to make it as an officer in the military.  You think differently, you train differently, you encounter situations that we would never imagine.  You are highly motivated, proud, adventurous, and quite possibly crazy.  In the case of two of you, I KNOW you are crazy!

No one can ever take away what you’ve done, accomplished, and earned.  You all have a bit of an ego, which you should.   All of you are proud men, each a bit different from the other, all a bit alike, and all wonderful, caring, amazing men.

“The highest obligation and privilege of citizenship it that of bearing arms for one’s country. “ 

If it weren’t for you crazy, foolhardy, vulgar, wild, gutsy, braggarts who joined the military, we would not have a country, a free country. You have protected this country and would die for it. Thank you for the honor of knowing you.


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