The Disappointment of Unkindness.

One of the things I love about my sister (out of many, many things) is that she wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is kind and compassionate and loving and NEVER, EVER makes fun of anyone.  I make it a point to never make fun of someone.  Yes, I have been known to tease friends and family, but I do not make fun of anyone.

It bothers me the most when someone is made fun of in a mean-spirited way.  I am not sure why people do this.  Perhaps they lack in some part of their life that they feel it necessary to highlight flaws in others.  This, to me, shows a total disregard of others spirit.

It is especially disappointing to me when someone I love takes it upon themselves to intentionally make fun of another for no apparent reason.

I recall one particular Christmas…not so very long ago….when I was walking by the hallway and heard one of my family members say to his wife, “TC has gotten SO FAT!”  I was devastated and hurt.  I walked past not saying a word because I didn’t want to start an issue.  I do come from a family of very passive-aggressive people and it does drive me nuts.  I, on the other hand, am known for saying what I think.  I’ve toned down a bit on this because sometimes it just isn’t worth the effort.

Yesterday, I had enough.  Yes, I have worked very hard to lose the weight and get fit and it is a daily journey for me…a complete lifestyle and physiological and psycological change of not feeling bad but feeling good enough.  The work was hard.  But yesterday I saw something that I couldn’t keep still over.

When you take a picture of someone waiting to board a plane in front of you who is very large…and then caption it on Facebook saying “I’m glad I’m not sitting next to this guy”…I think it’s mean.  I think it hurtful and destructive.  My initial reaction was disbelief.  Maybe I read it incorrectly.  No, I didn’t.  I was embarassed that someone in my family could be so cruel to a person he did not know.  The same person that commented on my weight at Christmas past.

I took a breath, because my initial response was much more cutting that the post I made on Facebook.  I responded with “yes it would be nice if all of us were slender and perfect, but unfortunately, we are not.”

I warned a couple of family members that I was responding and I didn’t expect anything, just to let them know.

I wasn’t trying to stir up any trouble, I had just had enough with the attitude.

I called the mother of the “offender” today and apologized to her, but stayed firm that I felt what I did was right.  Honestly, I do not care what anyone thinks.

It might fall on deaf ears, but at least I pointed out that that type of behavior wasn’t acceptable to me.  TO ME.

You just really need to be careful of all the times you think you are so much better than another, because all of have faults, all of us have physical attributes that we don’t like.  Be very careful how to pick on another….because perhaps there is someone out there that really doesn’t like it.

To the man in the boarding line, I don’t know you, and I am VERY, VERY sorry that someone in my family took it upon themselves to be so mean to you.


p.s.  If I get kicked out of my family over Thanksgiving, will someone take me in?


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