“Cast Your Bread Upon the Water” – Ellen Hudson

Cast your bread upon the water was one of my mother’s favorite sayings; that, along with, Birds of a Feather Flock Together.  The later meaning she really didn’t like the friends you were hanging out with.

Whether you call it Cause and Effect, or What Goes Around Comes Around, they all mean the same thing.  By putting positive energy out into the world,  the fruit is in the seed.  

I read that technology doesn’t advance a civilization, love does.  That is a powerful concept.  It’s not up to us to judge the Karma of anyone else.  It’s up to us to clean up our own energy and put it out there and leave the rest to a Higher Power that started all of this in the first place.

Empathy is in our biology.   Life is a huge, long list of cooperation.

I can honestly say that since I let go of so much that was troubling me, started working on the inner me as well as the outer me, I’ve felt happier than I’ve been in years.  YEARS.  Even with the events occurring with my last relationship I feel good about it because I put out the positive energy, I felt happy, I gave love.  I told my friend K one day as we stood outside of the restaurant where we went to lunch that I was happy.  A simple thing like K’s giving me a baseball cap gave me such joy that I kissed him right on the mouth.

So my goal is to put out positive energy and feel positive about my life.

Yes, Mom, I will cast my bread upon the water.  You were right, you’re always right.





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