A Classy Broad

Yesterday while I was pushing my cart through the grocery store, I saw a very striking woman.  I always notice tall women being one myself.  This woman was older than I am, but had a ‘look’.  The kind of look I like.  She was tall, slender, wore nice jeans with high-heeled black wedged boots, had on a black turtleneck and a wool blazer over it.  Her hair was dark and hit her shoulders.  She smiled at me as we crossed paths.

Once I was ready to check out I stood behind her and as we both were unloading our items I caught a wiff of her perfume.  It smelled wonderfully expensive.  I smiled and asked her what she was wearing.  “Opium”.  She had a bit of a drawl, like she might have originally been from Texas.   I told her I love Opium and that it smelled wonderful and different on her.   I got a better look at her and she was really lovely.  Her eyes crinkled when she smiled.  We both were looking at the trash newspapers and magazines that are placed at the checkout line and one was showing before and after plastic surgery.  She turned and said, “I really want to get plastic surgery because I just turned 60, but I’m afraid I will look like that, ” she pointed to the paper.

I said, “Oh I’ve got friends that have had it done and they look amazing.  The trick is to not go crazy with it.  None of us are ever going to be 20 again and to try to look like we are is nuts.”    Then I told her that I get Botox and love it.  She asked me where and I pointed to  my forehead and between my eyes.   She complimented me on my skin and natural look, not frozen brow…mutual admiration.

The thought popped into my head.  “this is one classy broad”.  What made her so was her appearance; how less is more and how quality trumped quantity any day.  But what also made her classy was her genuine kindness and sense of humor.  In that short period of time I felt a kinship with her…like I had known her for a long time.

When I pushed my cart out to my car she was parked next to me, she was pulling out and smiled and waved.

Once one passes through the entry gates of time and space, it may be handy to know that simply dwelling upon joy, abundance, or anything else involving people, will literally draw complete strangers into your life, as if they were puppets on marionette strings. Creating new and totally unpredictable circumstances that will bring you more, more, more of whatever you were thinking about.

Examples of classy broads are as follows:

Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Meryl Streep, and Cate Blanchett…


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