The Balance

I am blessed with two women in my life and my family who are the kindest, most compassionate, smartest. and loving women I know. They are both amazingly gifted.  They also wear their hearts on their sleeves and have a rather thin skin.  I don’t know if thin skin is the word….but they really do only expect the best from people.  So, when confronted with someone who is mean-spirited, or down right evil, they do not normally speak up for themselves.

When, I, who has remarkably thick skin, hears of one of them being mistreated, I become protective and want to fix the situation.

One of these women runs her own business and it deals with helping children realize their potential by educating them.

She was talked to rather rudely and in a condescending and belittling manner.  Actually she was spoken to in a mean manner.  I promise you there isn’t a mean bone in her body.

It irritates me.

Here is what I know.  I know that I have to let them handle these situations themselves.  I know that they have to learn to speak up for themselves.  I know they, above all people, do not deserve anyone being hateful or bitchy or mean. 

I know that if I were there I would have stepped in and said something to shut up the mean woman.

It’s a hard lesson for kind people to deal with meanness.  Sometimes you can avoid evil, and sometimes you have to meet it face to face.  You do not have to take shit from anyone.  The mean people are just sad.  They are so miserable with their own lives that they must try to hurt the nice people.  They attempt only once to do it to someone that will back them down.  They learn in their meanness, that it works better to try to hurt the kind-hearted and meek.  They are bullies.  Sometimes the best thing to say to one of these mean people is simply this:  “It must be sad to be you.”  Say it with a very sympathetic tone and a look of pity on your face.  “You are just so miserable.”

I also know that I will always stand up for those I love.  That is who I am.


To the bitch that was mean to my niece:

Say those same words to me and see what happens.


One thought on “The Balance

  1. Here on earth it is the contrast of good to evil that makes the good all the more beautiful. I think that is why God allows both… so we can see evil for what it is and be grateful for good. People who are men on the outside are miserable on the inside whether they every show it or not. So the meanie is a miserable bitch!

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