Focusing on One’s Self

The past eleven months I have focused a great deal of my energy on myself.  While this may sound selfish and superficial to you, it has actually made me a more caring, compassionate, and giving person.

“You have to stop going, doing and chasing and start spending more time being with yourself.”

I wasn’t spending any quality time on me…on the parts that mattered.  Oh sure, I was still getting my hair done, and my face done, but I was sad and miserable.  Then I started focusing on those areas that were making me unhappy….got rid of one of the sources for good, and began to really focus on me.  I began concentrating on the good.  I found that the more energy I spent focused on me and improvement, the better I was to others.

By clearing my head of the negative, I had more positive thoughts going to others.

By working on my body I have much more energy to spend doing active things with family and friends.  By working my body and seeing the results, I am more confident, I stand taller, head held high again.

By working my emotions, and dealing with them through my therapist, I am happier, emotionally fit.  I see the triggers and I work on them immediately.  I don’t try to push them down inside where they fester and rot and push toxins into my soul.

I am more forgiving.  I let stuff go.  Why harbor ill-will?  I try to look for the positive out of every situation.  If I am at least visualizing enough to wonder whether or not I’m doing it right, I am doing it right, and I am way, way ahead of the game.

I make a point to compliment two people each morning on the way in to work.  I make it a constant effort to smile and say kind things to people, to not get sucked into negative thought patterns.

By focusing on what I want to achieve, by setting small obtainable goals, and checking myself against those expectations, I can do this.

In focusing on myself for almost a year, I’ve become a better person.  I hope those closest to me agree.  It is a work in process, and will always be.  But I accept it, I accept set-backs, and say, “well that happened”, gather up strength and move forward to more happiness.

It’s never too late to focus on what matters.  Focusing on what others think of me, and what I think of others is not the right way. Working on myself, physically, mentally and socially can bring me to the right way.

Focusing on what I want in life can bring joy to my life. Unlocking that part of myself  may lead me to places I didn’t even know were there. If I feel there is nothing there then I most probably am wrong.

Our minds have many many aspects we are never going to discover them all. So by searching it, we may find ourselves doing things we didn’t know we could.

Make things easy. Do not make your life complicated. It’s better to organize the next month of your life than to find what you want in your whole life. Things may come to change. And you’re the one to change them by trying and understand what are you trying to accomplish. Putting in an order what you give, it’s a short answer to what are you going to take back.

Focus on what you give, what you are, what you want, and what you need,  this will bring you what you really are going to take back.


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