How to Maximize Joy In Everyday Life

“Having more joy does not necessarily require a life overhaul—you may just need to create more space in your life for moments of joy.”

I started thinking about this and this is exactly what I’m doing.  I’m not expecting the big bang of joy to occur but I’m working small moments into my life.  Moments speaking to people who I wouldn’t normally talk to, shopping for supplies to make a Christmas wreath, reading, pulling out winter clothes from storage and putting away the summer clothes.  Small, insignificant moments.   I found one this morning when my big Golden Retriever bumped me with his big, cold nose as I was sleeping with my head close to the edge of the bed.  I opened my eyes and his head was resting on the bed and he was eye-to-eye with me.  I smiled and reached for his head, “Good morning big boy.”  Simple.

This Christmas season I’ve decided to really focus on the spirit of Christmas, not the mega-dollar-infused advertising that society accepts as the true meaning of Christmas.

Of course, as I type I’m 50 yards away from the Shoe Gypsy Store on Cherry Street that has a pair of shoes I am going to buy as soon as I post.  

Find your Joy in the little moments….because all those little moments add up to a very joyous life.




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