The Cars….Let’s Go

This morning as I was pulling out of the drive-way my favorite group, The Cars, were singing “Let’s Go”.  The thought popped into my head that if I could start every day with The Cars, I would be a happy girl.  Then the Beach Boys came on singing “Help Me Rhonda” which I sang word for word and very loudly.  It was so simple to let myself find the joy and happiness in those songs…then to top it off Earth Wind and Fire were playing as I pulled into the parking garage.  What a wonderful start to a very chilly day.


I realized today how far I’ve come.  I also realized how far I want to go.  I’m not there yet, but I KNOW, I reconfirmed with myself, where I want to be.  Not for anyone else, but just for me.

This blog today is a rededication to myself of the person I am striving to be.  The work in progress is looking good, but still needs some depth and breadth.


Not the pain,  or the relief. Not the answer or the question. Not the challenge or the victory. The song or the sparrow…

Nothing is random.


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