Who Do I Look Like?

I sent a picture of myself and my two youngest nieces to a friend today; a friend who is more like an older sister.  M has known me before there was a me, before my sister was born.

She commented that I look more and more like my mother.  I’ve never had anyone say that before.  I’ve always thought my sister resembles my mother and I look like my Dad.

I called my sister because she who knows all would verify.  Her answer wasn’t so helpful as she responded that she never really thought about it.    She then said she always thought I was more like Dad.  I’m not sure if she means looks, or hard-headed and stubborn with his shoulders….which I used to resemble but I work on that.  (actually we’ve passed the crown down — no names, but they know who they are)

I’ve always maintained that I look like my Dad with my Mom’s coloring and my sister looks like Mom with Dad’s coloring.  And the blondness comes from our German half.  Don’t get me wrong, my mom was a stunning woman, I especially thought so as she got older.  She just had a look.  And she and I did share a great deal of interests, but so did my father and I.  I’ve thought that my sister and I are the perfect blend of the two.

It is rather wonderful to look at four generations of family and see the same thing.  My father, me, my nephew and my grand-niece all have the same eyes.  No, we don’t share one pair….but they are all shaped the same, big, blue-ish.  I tend to wear more makeup than they do.  There is something very cool about seeing yourself in someone else.

It is kind of cool to look at my sister’s hands and see my Dad and my Grandmother there.  Or that my sister and I sound alike…now my niece sounds like us.  The shape of my hand is my Dad’s but the length of my fingers is my Mom’s.  Thank God I got Dad’s feet.  Mom had long and skinny….like a pair of skis.  My sister has the same feet just much smaller, like a bear cub. My sister and I also got Mom’s legs….my sister probably more than me as her legs are perfect….just shorter.  


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