Getting older isn’t that great

in fact, parts of it stink – the physical parts.  It’s harder to get back into shape, it’s harder to stay in shape, I spend more on my face each year, and my body is still rebelling.  Oh, I listen to you, “body”, but you are going to do it my way, in the end.

The above x-ray is mine, taken this morning.  I think my legs look wonderful and as I told the Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Bazih, when he walked in, I see nothing wrong with my knee.  I did major in Finance.

Of course, he smiled and started manipulating my right knee into positions that I’m pretty sure a leg isn’t supposed to do.

The best part, and man this is old school medicine, was when he put his ear against my knee when he was moving it.  He could HEAR what was wrong.  That was incredible to me.  He looked up and said, “you have a torn cartilage”.

“Dr. Bazih, this getting older thing isn’t much fun.”

God love him, he did tell me I look great…he hasn’t seen me for several months and I suppose my weight loss and constant work-outs show a little.

MRI is scheduled, anti-inflamatory meds are prescribed AND I cannot run.  HOWEVER, I can still walk the 5k which is exactly what I’m going to do.  It might take me a bit longer, but I’ll do it.  I can still workout…in fact, he was so positive about how I am transforming myself…”good job, EXACTLY the way to do it….no crash diets, healthy, healthy eating…good for your spirit and your body.”  Love him.


The light is getting brighter.

The path is getting clearer.

And I am getting closer.

That’s all I’m saying,



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