Sunday….Doing What I Said I Would Do

Yesterday, I reached a goal that I set for myself last Spring which was to participate in a 5K.  Thanks to my beautiful niece inspiring me I began to train.  Unfortunately Dr. Bazih and my knee put the kibosh on running it.  I thought about not participating because I wasn’t going to run, but then decided it was something I said I would do and I did.  Also, I raised money for the Arthritis Foundation.

The best thing about starting and completing the Jingle Bell Run was my family participation.  My niece had me start with her group of running friends and when I was topping the hill towards the finish line, I heard “TC, TC!” There were my two little nieces cheering me on.  Whether I did it in 20 minutes or 45 minutes, they were proud of me….and that made me feel really, really good.

In doing what I say I’m going to do it gives me more confidence to tackle more goals that I set.  Some of my goals are small, some are large.

I learned that my friends are very supportive of trying and accomplishing.  No-one has said yet, “I don’t think you should, or can.”  No one has laughed at me yet, at least not to my face.

One good friend said to me Sunday when it comes to reaching a specific goal, “you can do this.”  This comes from a no-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t give compliments easily, but when he does, he means it.

I believe at lunch today I will mosey on down to Lee’s bicycle to look at a new bike.  And I want a red helmet.


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