This year I participated in the Angel Tree at work.  We had three families given to us by Family and Children’s Services.  These families are in desperate need of assistance at Christmas.  When asked what they wanted gift-wise they put down, “food, toilet paper, towels, etc.; they didn’t ask for an iPad or Angry Birds or TV’s.

These families are multi-generational units with Mom and Grandmother taking care of children, nieces/nephews and others.  All of these adults work except the grandmother who stays at home with the children during the day.

One family has eleven people under one roof with three adults working full-time.  One adult male has a full-time job and two-part time jobs to help support the family.  None of these families are on welfare.  They are struggling to live and keep a family together because life hasn’t been too kind for them.

It has been a true joy to shop for these people.  We have bought clothes and coats and toys and books and house hold goods.  My wonder nephew donated a washing machine because one family doesn’t have one.

We turned The Grand conference room into a wrapping room and when we could we went in and wrapped all the gifts.  I have two large boxes of clothes in my car that I donated to a couple of the women.  

It makes you truly understand what the season of Christmas is truly about.  It’s about helping others by sharing compassion and dignity.

This Christmas, so far, has been wonderful.  It has given me a sense of happiness in helping others.  It has also made me realize how fortunate and blessed I am as well as my family.  “For in giving, we receive”…those words keep going through my head.


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