Shoes, Friends, and a Thursday

“The heart is a tender but hardy organ. Daring to have a wonderful experience, even though you may get hurt, is the only way you’ll realize its deepest desires.”

marc jacobs penny loafersThis morning as I was walking to my car I realized I may be the loafer queen.  But what really makes me feel good is that I obtained this love of the expensive loafer from my Mom.    Something that simple made me think of her.  I looked at my black Marc Jacobs shoes and thought “Mom would love these”.  Isn’t it the most wonderful thing when something so simple reminds you of someone that loved you with all her heart and soul?  I miss you Mom.

On to other things.  I was thinking this morning of a good friend of mine.  He is a man’s man, no doubt.  But he has been a source of strength for me when I needed him.  We can talk over relationships and family and bitch and complain to each other and it goes no farther.  He is befriended and loved by my family.  Is is the kind of man you turn to for strength.  He has seen me at my worst, tells me what he thinks, and offers a kind of support I don’t get from others.  He’s calls everything like he sees it, but in his honesty you get his message.

A simple, “you can do that” from him as support in a goal means more than all the flowery words others might give.  If he says it, he means it.

He performs a job that I marvel at.  I called him yesterday after delivering the  presents to the Angel Tree family and explained the conditions.  I then told him I don’t know how he does what he does day in and day out.  I don’t know how he does it and how he isn’t a mean-spirited, unkind ass.  But he isn’t.

He was literally in the hospital room with my family when my mother passed away.  I turned around after she took her last breath and he was standing there with his back against the wall.  And he hugged me and he hugged my sister.

He reminds me greatly in his quiet strength and integrity of my Father.

So this blog shout out is for you R.  Thank you for being you and being my friend.  And yes, now I’m going to post one of my favorite pictures of you.  


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