I Am Proud of My Friends

I have two friends that are Marines.  

Both are funny, smart, kind, interesting men.  Both have an amazing sense of pride.

G lives in Chicago and is a Colonel.  Yesterday he had to appear in court so he wore his uniform.  Apparently when they saw him they put him ahead of everyone.  The court hearing went his way as it should have, but he was given extreme respect by the court system.

There stood a man who has served in Iraq, who has been in the Marines for twenty-five years.  There stood a man of integrity, honesty, and quite frankly, cunning.   Good move Colonel.  I laughed when you told me and was impressed all at the same time.

Actually you never fail to impress me.  I’m happy we are friends.

S, and I have known each other for several years.  He is so much like my Dad’s friend Darryl Kuhn, who was also a Marine, but in WWII.  He’s funny, oh My God, hysterically funny.  He and I became fast friends and he calls me “sis”.  Because our friendship is like a brother/sister.  To you S, thanks for all you do for me and for keeping me laughing.

I respect both of these men so very much and I am proud to be your friend.



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