Art, Opera, and the Building of Dreams

What do blaring trumpets, cartwheeling angels, harping harpsichordists, and celestial hoedowns bring to mind?

The Pearly Gates? Welcome “Home” parties? Heaven gone wild?

Actually,  they play for every earthly sunrise and all of the moments of each day and night that follow.I told someone recently that when I retire I am going to study art history at the University of Tulsa (or wherever I am).  They suggested that I just take the money that I would spend and go to a museum in Paris.  They didn’t get it.  I have been to museums in France and England and Germany and Italy.  But I want to STUDY Art History.  I want to do a deep dive into all of it.  And I might not wait until I retire to do so.

Doing what really makes me happy with my life is my next goal.  Finding that one thing that makes my heart leap with joy.  Sure, sure, my job is challenging and I make a lot of money, but it isn’t what makes my heart sing.

I think either the study of Opera or the study of Art History will help.

I just ordered a book The Art of Art History, A Critical Anthology.

I also just priced the Art History Text Books and they are well into the hundreds of dollars.

But it’s a goal.  Study.  Study those things I love which are Opera and Art.  

Why wait?  Why not immerse myself now?  Then, when I’m ready to enroll, I will really be all present, ready to expand my mind.

Another goal is to travel to all the major Opera houses in the world and actually see an opera.  Big dreams for me, little goals for others.  But dreams built around beauty.

I want to be happy with my actions for the rest of my life.  


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