Friday, December 30 2011

While I was driving home this evening after spending it with family and eating my favorite meal (Porcupine Meatballs) I thought how lucky we are to be surrounded with love.  For generations we have been raised with a close, tight loving family.  I’m so happy that the girls are surrounded this way.  They are lovely, bright, kind, caring girls and they make me so proud.

I’m thankful that the men that marry into this family are embraced and loved just as if they were born into it.

I am a firm believer that the love you surround your children with makes them stronger, smarter, and more adventurous in their quest for more.  They don’t need to seek inappropriate sources of love.  They have had healthy, unselfish love.  They see men and women relating to each other with tenderness and respect.

I also am very proud that our family has strong women.  We are each different in our own ways, similar in many, but all strong, caring, and intelligent.  I love that.  My grandmother, Jane, was a very strong-willed, independent woman that raised all of her offspring to be the same.

I’m also very pleased that these strong women all choose supportive, intelligent men.

It’s just a pleasant feeling I have inside right now…contentment, yet resolve.


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