New Year’s Eve 2011

Happy New year to all my family, friends, and loved ones.  Happy Birthday to K.

Yesterday was a great day spending lunch time with R for our mutual birthday situation.  He is a true friend that I trust completely.  Very few people do I bestow that upon.

Today was lunch with the ladies of the family at one of my favorite spots, The Wild Fork.  Followed by a quick bit of shopping at Talbot’s then home to start dismantling the Christmas decorations until I locked myself out of the house and had to call Pat to come let me in.  Ah, family.  Thank God.

I ventured to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few random books and things on sale:  YOU Being Beautiful by Dr. Oz, Persona Training & Workout diary for 2012, and two calendars.  I’m not finished yet but paused to blog.

New Year’s Eve night will be low-key with an early dinner with a friend then home to watch a movie or play cards.  I’m really pushing the card playing or board game as I L-O-V-E games and cards.  Unfortunately I’m stuck with others that don’t like it.  How in the world do you not like card games?

I have my resolution list completed….much like last year’s, just a continuation.

A good friend said something to me today on the phone, “you are disciplined now and can do anything.”

Really?  Is that how people see me now?  It is amazing to hear it because it does boost my self-esteem and I think, “you know, I can do anything.”

I also received an incredible email from the same friends and I am only paraphrasing as he was thanking me for some Christmas words I wrote to him. ” This is one of the nicest things anyone every has written for me, and I want you to know I appreciate it.  I think I’ve been mostly a taking friend for you, and I wish I could be more of a giving friend.”

I never thought of my friendships like that…a giving and taking….it just is.  I find it refreshing that he wrote such profound and sincere thoughts down for me.  What he doesn’t know is that he has given me so much in the past few months…more than he can understand.  K, you are a gem and a friend for all time.  I believe the term is “life-long”.

I don’t base my friendships on what the other person can ‘give’ me.  Of course, I look at friends in what traits that have that are interesting to me.  But I have friends that are different from me, and so much the same, and I don’t differentiate between them.

Friends like J, K, and R bring something to my life just by being sincere and honest and kind and understanding.

Other friends that I have known all my life bring other things; a sense of belonging, a history, a complete understanding.

One friend I haven’t seen in a very long time even though we are close and communicate weekly.  She knows I’m there for her and vice-versa.

One friend in Baltimore I communicate with only in hand-written notes and Facebook yet I feel a connection with him.  Thank you S for seven years…I think seven, right?

Here is to friendships, new and old, deep and profound, or light and breezy.  Here is to one who knows me better than anyone and is miles away tonight.  I meant what I said.  Warts and all.

I wish the happiest, most joyful, and prosperous New Year to you all.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help me be a much better woman.  Here is to you all.  When I open the champagne tonight imagine me toasting you.



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