Kansas City

I was less than excited about the four-hour drive to Kansas City, but I am driving a 2011 red Mustang with black leather interior so it make it a bit more fun.  I’m used to cruising along in the Explorer.  Armed with 44 ounces of sweet iced tea and a bottle of water I finally left the house at 5:30 ish.

Actually I loved the drive in the darkness with just Satellite Radio playing the 80’s favorites.  I sang almost every one of them, even did my best Axel Rose dance while seated during “welcome to the jungle”.  It was good streaking through the back roads of Oklahoma up to Kansas on Highway 169 eventually picking up I-35 and heading on in to KC.

One song came on, I can’t even remember it now, and a smile immediately spread across my face because it reminded me of my college love and the many fraternity/sorority dances we went to.   He was such a good guy and I had such a wonderful three-year relationship with him.  It started the second semester of our Sophomore year and ended a year after we left college.  We were just so young and I wanted to do so much and so did he.  Marriage wasn’t going to happen….we kept in touch until we were 28 and then he married and his wife definitely would not allow any future interaction.  That’s really sad….but I understand.

I’m sitting her in my lovely suite in my flannel jammies ready to head to bed when the Stanford vs. OSU bowl game is over.

While here I will be working non-stop days…but will remember five years ago when beautiful Evelyn Rose was born.  Five years, wow.  She has been an absolute joy each time I’ve been with her.  I held her in my arms after my nephew handed her bundled up warm little body to me.  I feel in love.  Happy Birthday Evie.

It’s time to climb in my big king size bed…all by myself, no beagles to take up half of the bed.

I will be up and at ’em early, meeting a colleague downstairs for breakfast and then off to DFA. Mooo



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