Interesting Observation

Last night I went out with a good friend of mine who lives in Kansas City.  We’ve been friends for about seven years and don’t get to see each other that often so having a cocktail and dinner was nice.  He is tall, attractive, and fun, as well as intelligent and well-rounded socially.  He is a nice guy.

A woman I work with that I have become friends with noted that all my male friends are very attractive.  I asked her why that is, I wonder and she said she thought it was fairly obvious.  Obvious that I only associate with attractive people?  No.

So I started thinking of my male friends and I must say I do have quite a few and I believe they are all very attractive.

BUT they are also so much more.  They have good hearts.  They are kind.  They are funny.  They are intelligent.  They put up with me.  This may be the biggest asset.

Then I started thinking about my girl friends and they, too, are all attractive.  Interesting.  So what is the deal?

Am I only drawn to physically attractive people?  no, because I’ve met some gorgeous people with nothing in their heads or their hearts and quickly went away from them.

Pretty Is As Pretty Does?

Beauty is only skin deep?  Yes, but ugly is clear to the bone.  (thank you Daddy).

It’s just an observation….I have no idea what it means.  Perhaps you do.

One observation is that I’m homesick and do not enjoy business travel nearly as much as I used to!  I want to go home.




One thought on “Interesting Observation

  1. Most internally confident people, take pride in all aspects of self and beauty flows inside to out. Confidence is attractive and comes in many forms, but like anything too much of any one thing become distasteful or a detriment. I believe that beauty is a very appealing trait in whatever form it comes in, and as your father said (and I concur!), ugly is to the bone.

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