What Happened to The Nice Guy?

My friend Scott J had a great post on Facebook today regarding which NFL player would you want your child to idolize.  It was based on the fact the media and others are bashing Tim Tebow for being a regular nice guy.

Yet we makes hero’s out of gangsters and dog killers.  It isn’t right.

I then started thinking about a couple of men that I know that don’t like to be called “a nice guy”.  They think it makes them less sexy or alluring to women.  I think that is crap.

If you want to attract bad girls then be a bad guy.  If you want a nice girl, be nice.  That is the way with life.

In my experience the nice guy is the most fun in the long run because there is less drama and usually a nice guy has some bad boy in him.  Besides, Bad Boys have very little respect for anyone else.  I have no time for that.

If people want to make fun of being nice and good and kind and respectful then their lives are limited and they are jealous.  It has to be that.  Jealousy that their lives aren’t as full.

“We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be.”

Trust me, trying to be who you are not is too much work and you are always, eventually, found out.


One thought on “What Happened to The Nice Guy?

  1. Bad boys are glamorized as misguided boys/men that are believed to have a great soul hidden underneath the rough exterior. They are advertised to have phenomenal potential that the right girl/woman can correctly resolve the mysterious puzzle that the bad boy portraits. For the most part, this belief is a sad illusion and so many naive girls/women get hurt along the way. Sadly, while those girls/women take on this unfulfilling process,all the nice guys are put on the sideline. The nice guy knows that this shallow facade will soon pass and when it does will always be there to provide comfort (because that is right) to those girls/women. His willingness to go through the semi-humiliating process is often perceived a weakness, but in reality it is a strength because adversity that does not kill you, always makes you stronger.

    The bad boy will dismiss these traits as weakness because they are unable to live up to the core values that nice guys have. Time is always on the side of the nice guy, because the bad boy phase eventually fades and the good guy will win. In the meantime, if the good guy can visually pull off looking like a bad boy, openly posses confidence in himself; and consistently demonstrate great core values… the good guy can kick the bad boy’s ass without waiting on the sideline for most of the game.

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