I Look Around

and I see people, different people, and am happy with the diversity our world.  To the two beautiful black women having lunch and laughing to the young white man playing with his iPad to the older Asian man sketching something, I find it wonderful.

I joined a dear friend and a new friend for lunch today to have a belated Christmas lunch.  It was fun, full of conversation and laughter.  It’s a good feeling to be with people who you care for and who care for you.  And I LOVED my Christmas gifts, J….thank you.

I’m really starting to look at the world around me and appreciate people more and appreciate what I have even more than before. I like my little corner of the world just fine but I am so happy I have a deep and abiding love to travel and appreciate others.

I haven’t been to Europe lately and very much am ready for a trip.  I am also very thankful for my dear friends in Spain, JP and B.  I have known JP for twenty-four years.  Wow.  I was a child.  He may be one of the most open-minded and accepting of other’s cultures that I have ever known.

It is a beautiful January day requiring only a sweater this morning and probably a t-shirt this afternoon.  Based on that and the mood I’m in I’m headed to Hobby Lobby for crafty stuff as I feel creative. Tomorrow I think I’ll head up to the barn to see the new horses.

And no, R, I am not on an Arabian kick…I just want one because they are so lovely and elegant.  It doesn’t mean I will get one…I just WANT one.

I find it funny that I love to feed the birds and the squirrels in my front yard and have a plethora of feeders set up in the trees.  I intentionally hooked up the hose this morning so that I could fill the bird feeder. I’m also planning the changes I’m going to make to the landscape of the yard…that, too, brings me joy.

My blog is rather short today, but sometimes short and sweet is all I’ve got to share. Meditation today will be a calm and thankful one as will be Mass tomorrow….just being there and getting in my prayer zone and being thankful for the small joys.    


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