Hidden Talents

When I was a girl, maybe eleven or twelve years of age, someone bought me pastel art chalk and a drawing pad and I started sketching.  I loved the way the chalk got all over my finger and smudged on my nose as I drew.  I never really threw myself into drawing as I could never draw a human; only horses and houses and trees.

I’m not even sure anyone in my family knew that I could draw a little as I kept it mostly in notebooks which I still have stashed somewhere.

When I was in high school a good friend’s mother told me a tip to sketching which was turn whatever I was copying from upside down so that my brain didn’t see a flower or a vase but instead saw just a shape.  It helped tremendously.  Mrs. Shannon is a great artist.

I doodled around always on paper and colored with my nieces, and amazed them with my ability to draw horses.  I think the amazement was brief as drawing anything that resembled what it actually was and could be recognized by children under five was pretty cool.

I’ve realized in my increasing attempts at drawing that I am ok with pencils and chalk and charcoal and not so good with other mediums.  Maybe it’s the softness and the fudge-factor of the charcoals.

I find it interesting that as I continue to progress with my life and improvements to myself that other talents seem to be coming out.  I’ve always been crafty and by that I meant good at making things with my hands, i.e., sewing, scrapbooking, pillows.

I start my Art History class Tuesday and maybe diving into the art world is what is bringing out my abilities and my drive.

One friend told me that I had talent and I responded ‘thanks’ but that I only seem to be able to draw horses.

But that’s ok because there are plenty who cannot draw horses.  The pictures I put on this blog are two sketches I made last night while watching a movie.  True to form this morning I got up and went to Michael’s and bought some art supplies, including a book on basic shape drawing, so that I can continue.  It might not be much, and it might only be a bunch of horses, but I’m going to see where this takes me.  


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