Blow Them Out of The Water!

Friday as I was leaving the office, I passed the big screen television in the waiting area that usually streams CNN.  I saw the caption at the bottom that Iranian boats were trying to instigate a battle(s) with the US Navy in the Strait of Hormuz.  It irritated me.  It’s interesting that many people consider me a “liberal” when in fact I am a moderate.  The Republican Conservative Fundamentalist group is distasteful to me, but sometimes so is the neo-liberal Democrats.

In this situation, if the Iranians are trying to stir up something with our Navy, blow ’em up.  Yes, yes, I know, it will be taken as an act of war and God knows we just need to get out of that area.  But the truth is, we won’t be out of that area any time soon.

I am my father’s daughter.  The thought struck me how cool it would be to be a Navy or Air Force fighter pilot and get to bomb the crap out of the Iranian ships causing trouble.  Or maybe just watching a good old battleship with the huge guns unload.  Yes, yes, I know.  Shame on me.

I was never a fan of the war in Iraq, ESPECIALLY after the truth was out.  I still think we should have leveled Afghanistan to rubble….oh wait, I think it is already rubble.

Of course, that is my initial thought process and then I do think about the children and women that live there.  I don’t worry about the men.  I’m not too trusting of the men in those regions.

This blog is definitely not Politically Correct by any means.

But maybe it’s the fact that Iran is a bully.  Not a bully in the fact that they wouldn’t get clobbered if the U.S. unloaded on them, but it’s like the cousin that comes to visit and picks on you and messes up all your stuff, and then whines and complains to his mom and your mom.  Your Mom has specifically told you to be the better person, to let it go;  “it’s only for a day’.  But the weaselly  little cousin keeps provoking you….you know if you hit her or him that you would feel better….but you don’t.  You are being the “better person”.

My military friends told me that Iran will get a Smack Down.  Good.



One thought on “Blow Them Out of The Water!

  1. Reason the senior Bush did not topple Saddam was he needed a counterbalance to the Shia crazies in Iran. He was ex-CIA and understood that Iran and Iraq needed to kill each other; and thereby, leaving Israel alone.

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