Why I Love Football

so much.

I love football because my sister and I were raised around the University of Tulsa football players.

I don’t mean just for a couple of years, I mean from the time I was 2 until …..whenever.  Some of these men have been close friends to our family since they were 18 and some became family.

Neal, Carl, Donnie, Bob, Mel, Jerry, Lyndsay….

Why do I love football?  because my father loved it and took us to football all the time.  When we didn’t go, we watched.

After I had attended my first NFL game, it was my father I called first to share.

When I was a teenager and my father and I had trouble communicating we always could around sports, specifically football and baseball.

I embraced the knowledge I obtained from Daddy.  I learned how to really watch the game and understand.  My Dad would sit with me in the end zone and show me how the play lined up….what position did what.  I learned a hold, off-sides, grounding…

I learned how great Walter Peyton, Barry Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, Dick Butkus, and on and on and on.

I know more about football and baseball than most guys…and I’m proud of it.  I miss my Dad at the start of college football each season and on Sunday when I would go to his house and sit in the den and watch two games….keeping my Mom out in the kitchen or elsewhere.  It was our time…my Dad and me.



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