I Hate Valentine’s Day

I do.  Seriously.  The only time Valentine’s was good was when my Dad was alive.  My freshman year at college all these twittery, stupid girls were getting flowers from stupid boys.  I wasn’t dating one person, but the desk buzzed and told me I had something.  My father sent me this huge plant in full bloom.  “I love you, Dad.”  Best gift I’ve ever gotten for V-day.

I broke up with a man I loved on V-day.  I was stuck up in New York and couldn’t get home.  I spent the night throwing up and curled up on my bed until I could get the first flight out of LGA to Tulsa.

I’m glad everyone has a great evening tonight with the one they love.

As I don’t love anyone, in that way, I’m sitting in my hotel room in KC eating Chinese and watching NCIS.  Yep.  Sexy right?  I’m wearing my flannel jammies….

To add insult to injury, I get up to KC and NO-ONE is in the office.  NO-ONE.  And the CEO of DFA is holding meetings all day today and tomorrow so there are very few employees in the building.  What a HUGE waste of money.

The good thing will be that tomorrow after work I’m going to the Zona Rosa and shopping.  It is payday after all.

I cannot wait to get home.

so St Valentine….pffft!


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