A Tale of Two Men

I am blessed to have two friends in my life who possess many of the qualities of my father.

They are both tall and provide the best, most sincere hugs.  Plus they smell pretty nice too.

I spent almost two hours this evening with K; sitting over a smoothie and an iced tea talking.  I feel close to this man and extremely comfortable.  He makes me laugh out loud and often in the way he describes situations and tells his stories.

I am a fan of personal stories.  I am a huge fan of his baseball knowledge. It is amazing to me and quite sexy.  K knows what I mean.  He knows all the World Series winners.  Not only that, he knows who they played to win the World Series.  That, my friends, is commitment to knowledge.  He also can name all the Disney movies in order….or maybe not in order, but he can name them.

What K may or may not know is that he was a life changer for me.  His friendship and attention came at a time when I needed it.

I believe in him with all of my heart.  He is capable of achieving anything he sets his mind to, but he is so humble that he would never agree.

The second friend, J, sends notes each day that uplift me.  He is supportive and kind and unwaveringly understanding to any of my flaws.  This has established a trust between two people that is strong.  I consider him a source of knowledge and patience and compassion….but one that keeps me centered and grateful every day.

Both men are in my thoughts and prayers each day…their happiness and continued growth are requested each time I close my eyes to pray and meditate.

I hope they know that when the chips are down, I’m there, always.

Thank you both for helping me in ways you will never know.  



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