Let Me Bore You With My Life Today…

Well it was an action packed day for me.  I got up twice before I finally decided to actually get up and stay up.  I ate a hard-boiled egg and drank some iced-tea then took a nap.  Yes, I know, it is amazing that I can work all that into my day.

I finally dragged myself up and got out of the house and out to run those Saturday errands; dry-cleaning, groceries, and Lowes.

I bought enough  supplies to keep me out in the front and side yards working until it was dark.  I love working in my yard.  There are more tulips and another heather bush planted.  I spent a great deal of time cutting the Crepe Myrtle trees back.  I get vicious with the pruning shears.  Along with all of this I am extending my front flower bed to encompass the Japanese Pistach.  Front Yard Landscaping

The damage done was one broken fingernail that I will have repaired on Monday at lunch.  Luckily Pat was taking text messages as I had to line that up immediately.  Hauling bags of mulch and garden soil and the bricks that are surrounding the extended flower-bed gave me a great workout as I’ve now taken four motrin and iced my knee with a bag of frozen peas.

There’s a stuffed pork roast in the slow cooker that will be served for tomorrow’s Sunday dinner.

Sunset Boulevard’s end credits are rolling on the flat screen.  The house is still.

I promised a good friend that I would come to her church tomorrow to hear her sing.  There’s nothing quite as spiritually moving as a black Baptist church on a Sunday with a kick-ass choir.  I’m not sure that putting ‘kick-ass’ in with a Sunday church service is a good thing.  

And thus ends the detail of my small little life on a Saturday which I love very much and which makes me happy.

I type now to the sounds of one Beagle snoring slightly on the sofa, and the big Golden Retriever asleep at my feet.  Somewhere in the house is the other beagle, probably in the middle of my bed where I am going to be soon.



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