Monday…I Want To Be Outside Working

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars”.  I went outside last night about 10:00 p.m. barefoot, in shorts and looked up at the sky and saw two brilliant stars twinkling above me.  I just stood there on the patio stone gazing up and thanking God that I was there.  It was a peace-filled moment…until all three dogs came running at me and barking.  But for that one brief moment it was quiet and peaceful and I was just happy.

When Spring temperatures hit Tulsa, I want to be outside working in my yard.  I don’t mow, but I love planting and working in the flowerbeds and coming up with new ideas to change-up the yard.  The front yard is a work in process, and now my attention is starting the planning phase of the side yard which has no shade and is huge. Roses?  Something else rather English garden-esque?

Right now I’m tempted to go home and sit outside and work on the laptop.

Yesterday was one of those beautiful days and I did spend all afternoon getting very dirty which I loved.  When I managed to get in the house and clean up I sat back (flopped down) on the den sofa and started watching Apocalypse:  World War II.  Just saying that Hitler guy was a bad, bad man.

I’m no longer broken and I’m no longer scarred.  I’m happy but not content, yet.  Things that were important to me three months ago, things I had to prove, just are no longer important to me.  So what?

I’m dealing with something in my life that came out of the blue and was stressful….and I suppose still would be stressful if I allowed it.  I decided Friday afternoon to just work through it, ask for help when needed, and it will be ok, one way or the other.  Man oh Manischewitz, that is completely a 180 from how I would have dealt with it a year and a half ago.  Times they are achangin’

It’s close to 4 p.m. and I’m packing up and going home.  I have dirt to spread….and a situation to work out in my head.




2 thoughts on “Monday…I Want To Be Outside Working

  1. I’m going to spend my entire summer sitting on my patio, grilling out, reading or watching baseball on the laptop, drinking vodka and lemonade and enjoying my little bit of urban tranquility complete with lots of flowering potted plants. I’m looking forward to the warm weather, too.

    • there is something so comforting and involved and relaxing about that…I love vodka and lemonade too, that is my official summer drink. I mix a bit of raspberry infused vodka with the regular….yum.
      I can work hard in the yard, get filthy dirty (gloves always on of course) and see progress in my own little world. When it is all in order I will take pictures and post. My yard is so huge that I have the complete side yard to consider doing something with…maybe just an enormous rose garden.

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