Mary Full of Grace

To realize that I have made mistakes.

To realize I’m imperfect.

To realize I was fooling no-one.

To finally understand that all of the above is ok.

It’s just ok.

I am fortunate that this next half of my life is an enhancement, a beginning, a chance to improve on who I am and to be a better, happier, fulfilled person.  It is a chance to not be lonely, sad, or unhappy, but to break out of those bindings forever.  It is my time to work with who I am and what I am and go forward not afraid that people won’t love me for who I am but love me for exactly that.

I realize that to find grace, I must open myself for it.  To be still and listen and visualize grace bestowed upon others is how I spend my meditation time.  

I realize I can stumble, pick myself up, and not beat myself up for doing so.

I am alive, I am receptive, and I am happy.


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