Calling a Truce with My Body/Generosity

The answer to living in peace with our bodies is through befriending and making every effort to truly inhabit them. In this inhabitation is where the healing happens, where we call our truces, and can finally free ourselves from the very human pain we’ve endured as a by-product of having physical bodies to negotiate with.

I am not 20 nor have the body.  I don’t have my 30-year-old body either and that’s ok.  I’m just moving on with what I have and improving where I can.  It’s a good, strong body, with a few dings, and scratches.  

It is terrible to realize how little we can know about the real value of anything. Value, all but the most trivial forms of it, is created in relationship, and created in the uniqueness of the relationship.

All the ecologies of value grow and elaborate themselves in deepest privacy. Even we might not know what a home or a friendship means to us until we leave it or lose it. So how can we have sufficient care of other people not to do harm, out of indifference or clumsiness or the failure of imagination?

True generosity is an act of freedom, and of courage.  You are doing away with self-absorbed behavior.

I can plainly say that I am not weak or poor.   It is freedom that defines me, and courage. I can be loyal to high things. And I can be gracious to others and still be respectful.  Maybe the only way to limit the regret we feel for our inadequacy toward one another is consistent, presumptive respect, attentive respect.

I learned how good it feels to do something unexpected for someone. But the best gift anyone can give, I believe, is the gift of sharing themselves.

Every gift is my way of expressing how I feel about another person.


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