Oh Vey! My uppity, pretentious self reared her ugly, yet beautiful head.

Today was my drug test.  It is the first time I’ve had my hair cut for a pre-employment drug test.  That is another issue that Roger will have to deal with next time I’m in.

I went to a National Health drug testing facility on 41st, actually rather close to the Veterinary Emergency Care place that I’ve raced my dogs to a couple of times.

I walked into the small waiting room, signed in, handed the receptionist my paperwork and sat down.  Redneck guy to my left, cool black guys across from me.  Scruffy, pudgy, unshaven and foul-mouthed, a guy in his late twenties stands and then paces.  He rips out the F word several times, then is called back into the room….soon he comes back out and throws something in one of the waiting room chairs.  It is then that I turn on pretentious woman who hides away often now, but comes out when required.

He rants and raves to no-one in particular, because I won’t give him the time of day.  Then two of his co-workers arrive because, apparently, their boss is concerned that someone is using drugs.  Hmmm, I wonder who that could be?  Upon arrival of his two co-workers he begins a whole new level of raving.  I look up briefly at cool black guys who are smirking at him.  They are smirking because he is trying to be a bad-ass and he is a punk.

He calls the receptionist ugly and the nurse fat.  “I will knock that fat bitch on her f’ing ass”  and it progressively got worse.  It was foul and it was stupid and I almost turned to him and said something but then it struck me, he doesn’t want to take the drug test because he knows he will test positive.  He then says something about how his boss cannot make him take a drug test, because he is an “independent contractor”. Translation:  he cannot get a real job due to his weed smoking.  He then says in a low voice to his co-worker that he isn’t giving up smoking.  Bingo.

Finally my turn comes and I stand and catch cool black #1’s eye…he smiles then shakes his head signaling he, too, feels this guy is a tool.

Yes, most of the time I am just normal me recognizing my flaws and faults and living with them.  But on days like today, I realize that I am live in a world of good manners and good intentions…and that there are just some scummy, creepy, foul-mouthed folks around….and apparently they hang out in drug testing facilities.



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