I’m going to write about this once and then never again.

I do not have to prove myself to anyone other than my family and myself.  I do not have to go to a baseball game on opening night with a “hot” guy to show anyone anything.  Nor will I avoid going to games if I want to go.

I do not care what people think of me other than my family.  I choose to surround myself with decent, honorable, kind, hard-working, respectful people.  Period.  I have no time for cheating, lying, unkindness, and scoundrels.

I’ve never actually used the word scoundrel before, but in this case, and we all know of whom I speak, scoundrel is the fitting word.  

Honestly, I’ve never been subject to what happened over this summer and fall, but now I have and I choose to walk far away.  I look at it for what it was, what I thought it was, and what I know it was now.  Ok, I had fun this summer.  I did.  I wish that the fun times weren’t based on lies and a bevy of other women everywhere in the country (who now seem compelled to call me).

When one of his “dolls” calls me, even if she is angry and yelling at me, I assess that she has no idea what has happened and I calmly tell her the truth.  The truth, which she has suspected all along but needs clarification by hearing it from me and a couple of others.

It’s done.  I’m alive and healthy and still striving to be better in all areas of my life.

To put it bluntly, I look at this summer and fall for what I got out of it.  Fun and….er…well, you know.

I am a woman that doesn’t have to put up with bad behavior, scamming, slimy people.  A sad life they must have.  A lonely, long, dreary life….and, of course, karma is a bitch.

I choose to surround myself with people I love and who love me in return.  I choose to strive to be honest and trustworthy and work hard and be kind.  That is all I have to do.




2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. The Universe had a perfect one that applies to my blog: Sometimes, in hindsight, it may seem that your prior kindnesses were for naught, and that in the end, they were too high a price to pay for the pains you’ve endured.

    That is, of course, until you get a little further into the future, when the pendulum has been allowed its full swing, and all the seeds you’ve sown have begun blooming in more gardens than you ever knew existed.

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