My Surroundings

I am surrounded by a group of friends that I love and enjoy spending time with.  I also have learned the fine art of sharing myself with close friends when before I did not.

I had a wonderful evening last night with two close friends, J & K, and a new friend, M.  I was so pleasantly happy to see J after six weeks.  He is the best hugger and always smiles with his eyes.  My love for him is deep and profound and I am so happy he is happy.  He is indeed an older brother.

R has been my friend for many years and I trust him with my life.  He is a man who is strong and intelligent and honorable.  That is just the right word for him.  Honorable.  Whether is protecting and serving or riding the range, he is truly a man’s man….that understands women.  At least he understands me.  I love him dearly.

But, not only do have I amazing male friends, but the women in my life are outstanding.  Each different in their way, but all lovely, intelligent, fun, kind, and compassionate women. 

First, my sister, who is love herself.  She is warm and caring, two traits she passed to her daughter, my niece, J.  Both women are strong, intelligent, and amazing mothers.  I envy them that.  Both women have blessed me with allowing me to be an integral part of their children’s lives.  Add to that list two little angels, E & C, who I am madly in love with…beautiful, fun little girls who have fire and spunk.

My cousin and Godmother, P, is my second mother.  She is bright, sharp, classy, and uniquely open-minded and liberal.  She has taught me many things, and in some ways, I am very much like her.  Each time I’ve gone into the storm, P has been there along with my sister….she is the epitome of strength.  That woman is a rock.  She carries all the family stories.  I love her profoundly.

Then I must say that my friendship with L has been a pleasant surprise.  We are sisters from another mother….we are the total opposite of each other in looks, but we have a close bond.  L is 4’10”, African-American.  I am 5’10”, and about as white as they come.  Yet she and I talk and share and have become fast friends…I call her my Tulsa Carlyn as Carlyn is a good friend in Chicago that I bonded with immediately.  She is the one that started “the list” with me.  I had the list of black men I found hot, and she had her list of white men.

V and R have become friends over the past 2 1/2 years at work.  We are roughly the same age, grew up in Tulsa, and laugh, and joke.  They aren’t overly “girly”, but strong women; hard working…but caring, kind, compassionate friends.

I do miss my good friends in Chicago and wished I saw them more.  But each time I correspond with them or talk to them I am reminded why we all became so close and I love them for each special and quirky little thing they do.

I want only the best for my friends so I hope that my genuine kindness is expressed to them each time I see them or talk to them.

The point of this blog is to thank each one of these people for being so important to me; for being in my life…for loving me just as I am.




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