Kindness…Old Friends

Always,  kindness prevails. No matter how things appear, nor how humbling a task, nor how unkind they’ve been.  Always.


I borrowed that because it is such a nice statement.  And something quite nice happened to me today thanks to an old friend.

K and I met our first day in 9th grade…we were Freshmen and all came from Catholic Grade Schools into Catholic High School.  K and I became friends, then close friends, sharing our girlhood, our young adulthood….now K is a mother of two, wife, and Manager of Nursing at the best hospital in Tulsa.  She is also kind, really kind.  I love her, her mom and her dad and her brothers.  I spent a great deal of time at their house in high school and on college breaks.  K came to Stillwater to see me on football weekends.

New friends are great and those friends made after we’ve become adults.  But sometimes those you have known since you were 14 can surprise you.  We know secrets about each other…probably have forgotten more than we remember.

One of our favorite things to do was go to the lake all day and then stop and buy snacks and Taco Bueno and go to the drive-in movies.  We always took lawn chairs so we could lay or sit in sunburned comfort in the Oklahoma summer nights watching a double feature.

Today on Facebook she said something very kind and very wonderful about me out of the blue.  It made me tear up…and thankful.

Thank you K for being my friend for thirty plus years. 


2 thoughts on “Kindness…Old Friends

  1. She is a wonderful woman. To me she still looks like a girl. She only lives about 3 minutes from me. Facebook has been a blessing in that I’ve reconnected with many friends from grade-school and high-school. I even reconnected with a friend I knew when I first starting working out of college. It’s fun to see the women and men they have grown into.

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