You Have Such a Good Personality

Yesterday one of my co-workers congratulated me on my new job.  Then he said, “I will miss you.  You have such a good personality.”

He was sincere and kind and I’ve liked Felix since he started here several months ago.

I’ve tried throughout my life to be fun to be with and I think I’ve succeeded most of the time.  Granted there have been times when I’ve felt rotten but instead of putting on a front for others I just kept to myself.

This past 15 months I’ve taken some life changing steps and continue to move on and up.  I’ve tried to change negative behavior that I was immersed in and make everything a positive situation.    I read this about five months back and have it posted to read every day when I get ready:  More Smiles, Less Anger / More Chewing, Less Eating / More

More Love, Less Hatred / More Fun, Less Serious / More Forgiving, Less Blaming

I have made mistakes and I have tried to make amends.  Sometimes, being sorry, being honest and sincere don’t matter.  And I’m dealing with that.  I let someone very important in my life down….and I’m trying to make it right.  Sometimes the person affected doesn’t want you in their life.  That is hard for me to swallow.

I know in my heart that love should be enough.  Honest, caring , compassionate, every lasting, love given should be enough.  Maybe it is, but past transgressions aren’t easily forgiven.

But you see I know my heart now and I know how much love I have to give….not perfect love as I am very far from perfect.

I am sending this out into the universe to tell you I love you and my head, heart, and soul are right and full of light.  I am your friend and will always be there if you need me.  I will help you, listen to you, and treat you with respect always.  That is who I am.



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